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Sunnreef Damrak II

5866328 20160722163459866 1 XLARGE

LOA: 70ft

Weight: 50t+

Engine: 2x 800PS

Consumption: 80-250l/h

Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support):


Kitesize: 21sqm

Lines: 140m

Speed: 6knt

5866328 20160720191015530 2 XLARGE

5866328 20160722170621302 1 XLARGE

5866328 20160722171119059 1 XLARGE

5866328 20160910161711618 1 XLARGE

Damrak Detail1





Assume responsibility for nature and resources now!

A Kite-Propulsion-System will give you more range of motion and a backup strategy for your main engine!

Using Kites for boat propulsion saves the nature and replaces scarce resources with clean energy.


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