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EDP Atlantic Mission

 Francisco Lufinha crossed the Atlantic Ocean with a WingCommander RC pulled solely by kite.
The Portuguese extreme sportsman Francisco Lufinha had a mission: a solo crossing of the Atlantic in a boat powered entirely by kite. And he did it! In a world-beating time of 21 days, he smashed the previous record held by Frenchwoman Anne Quemere since 2006.

Earthling E-40P

E-Propulsion Catamaran

Length Overall: 12 m

Length of waterline: 17,80 m

Beam: 5,5 m

Draft: 0.75

Berth: 5

Displacement: (LD) 3600kg / 3.6t

Propulsion: 135HP @ 48V

Batterie capacity: 44 kWh

Solar Capacity: 5kW

Cruising Speed: 10knt

Kite system: WingCommander RC Deck Mount Version

Kite: 9-13,5 Voyager



Silent 80

Length Overall: 24,30 m/ 79,8ft

Beam: 10,92 m

Draft: 1,2

Displacement: (LD) 58t

Solar panels: 26 kWp

Cruising speed   6 – 8 kn

Certification: CE-A

Range: Trans-Ocean

Propulsion: 2 x 80/135kW

Batterie capacity: 240 kWh

Kite system: WingCommander RC

Removable free standing mast system

Kite: 9-13,5 Voyager



Mazarin 55

e- propulsion Catamaran

           Length overall :16.7m

Length of waterline :15.91 m

Beam :8.44 m

Draft :0.65m

Displacement light :25 tons

Cruising speed: 6-8kn

Max. speed:10 kn

Electric motors:2 x50KW

Solar      10KWH


Kite system: WingCommander RC Deck Mount Version

Kite: 9-13,5 Voyager



M/Y Rock

 LOA: 85ft

Draft: 7ft

Weight: ca.120t

Solar Power Generation: 17kWp

Engine: CAT 12.9 2 x 1000 HP

Cruising speed: 6-8knt

Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support):


Kitesize: 13,5sqm

Lines: 80m

Speed: 3knt

Cruising with Kitesail + engine 30%:

Speed: 6knt + 1knt from kite

Sunreef Damrak II


LOA: 70ft

Weight: 50t+

Engine: 2x 800PS

Consumption: 80-250l/h

Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support):


Kitesize: 21sqm

Lines: 140m

Speed: 6knt

Bertram 46.6

Kite sailing Bertram 46 Yacht

LOA: 56ft

Weight: ca.25t

Engine: 2x 500PS

Consumption: 100-150l/h

Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support):


Kitesize: 11sqm

Lines: 120m

Speed: 4.5knt

Airon Marine 41 

 Lenght: 12,5m/41ft

Weight: ca.12t

Engine: 2x 400PS

Consumption: 100-120l/h

Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support):


Kitesize: 13.5qm

Lines: 120m

Speed: 4.5knt

Corsair 27

Lenght: 8.25m

Weight: ca.2t

Sail area(conventional sail): aprox. 80qm

cruising with Kite:


Kitesize: 13.5qm

Lines: 140m

Speed: 8,5knt


Assume responsibility for nature and resources now!

A Kite-Propulsion-System will give you more range of motion and a backup strategy for your main engine!

Using Kites for boat propulsion saves the nature and replaces scarce resources with clean energy.


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